By Malik Arslan March 18, 2022 In Blog

How Long Does It Take To Get 4000 YouTube Watch Hours?

You can easily get 4,000 watch hours if you make up to 20,000 minutes of watch time per month. Your complete YouTube channel maintain equal division of your watch time. With the help of few amazing videos you can easily achieve your goal of 24,0000 minutes.

Some of the fruitful ways to increase your watch hours are:

Get more subscribers

When you set a benchmark then you must make your efforts to that target. One of the steps to get more and more watch hours is increasing your subscribers.

Post more videos

The more videos you post, the less views each one needs to reach your goal. The most important part, actually, is consistency. In the same way that Google wants you to post at least once per week on your blog to keep it timely and fresh for organic search, YouTube wants you to post videos frequently to keep your channel active and fresh for search.

Organize Videos into Playlists

Playlists also help you build individual streams of content and keep an organized channel, both of which help your videos be found by people interested in the content.

Your video length matters

Longer videos are becoming the norm on YouTube so don’t shy away from posting videos that are 10 minutes or longer and avoid posting shorter videos if you can.

All of these methods are successful in getting more watch time. Work hard and put the time in and that number will surely be reached and bigger milestones will quickly become your target instead.

Generate unique and interesting content

Your mission will be to create a video on a trending topic before anybody else does. What will happen then is that your content is likely to be recommended over others, even if it’s just for a short time because you’ll be the only authoritative source on that trending news topic.

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